Trekking in Himalyas

Trekking and fun in the Himalayas are one of those dreams which every single person thinks of in a whole life span at least once in a lifetime, trekking is one of those adventures which is moreover a tour of some distance but it connects you with nature, gives you an experience of life in jungles or wherever you are trekking, but on the other side we look after the Himalaya, the highest mountain range in the world where you can have a look of thousands of variety of species of animals as well as plants. Although if we imagine the Trekking and fun in the Himalayas, how amazing would it be.


The great Himalaya, having thousands of beautiful sceneries, living beings, plants, and much more. Himalaya is one of those great things which is always needed to be rediscovered because none can explore and elaborate on its beauty in just words as well as none can explore the whole Himalaya on his own because this is the place is covers with snow almost half of the year and many of disconnects with the whole world.

why should we do Trekking and Fun in the Himalayas?

we know this question is arising in your mind that why should we trek at Himalaya only, lemme clarify you why should you do that at Himalaya only , because of many reason such as : –


Himalaya have many beautiful small and large lakes with crystal clean and untouchable water which is completely fresh, as if you wanted to know some of them, then you can checkout the top 10 gorgeous lakes in the Himalayas. dropping the names below:-

1. Yamdrok Tso, Tibet

2. Gokyo Cho (Dudh Pokhari), Nepal

3. Chandra Taal, India

4. Gurudongmar Lake, India

5. Namtso, Tibet, China

6. Gosaikunda, Nepal

7. Pangong Tso, India, Tibet

8. Tsomgo Lake (Changu), India

9. Tso Kar, India

10. Suraj Tal Lake, India


The Himalayas is so much attractive that we can compare them with Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as it has the third-largest deposit of ice and snow after just mentioned locations, it has very much famous glaciers such as Gangotri and Yamunotri which is directly connected to holy emotions of the Hindu religion and the people use to worship as their gods place ( Lord Shiva).


The Ecology of Himalayan region varies on certain factors such as climate. rainfall, altitude and soil, whether we should talk about the flora or fauna of this Himalayan region, its also based on those certain factors,

this region is also filled with wide range of animals which cannot be seen easily such as endangered snow Leopard,  bharal or Himalayan blue sheep ,HImalayan musk deer etc.


Himalaya is filled with one of the most peaceful communities i.e. Buddhism, on another hand, the Himalayan region have more communities too as Hindu, Muslim, and animist too, but Buddhism is in majority and that’s why they have a mixed culture of all of them as well as they used to follow their unique hilly style of every thing like as dance style and so on.

So, there are lots of the reason why we should only trek in the Himalayan region, we can have a lot of reason to do so there. so keep exploring and keep growing.