HOLI- The Colorful festival of India

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The incredible Holi of Barsana

The Holi

HOLI- The holy festival of India is one of the most important and ritualistic festivals, it is not only holy it’s very joyful too as I have explained further.

IT is the festival of colors which is celebrated in the south Asian part which is India & Nepal

in which everyone plays sarcastically with colors and greets by offering sweets

and dishes to each other to increase brotherhood.

But this festival is celebrated in a fascinating way in the region of Barsana and Nandgaon (two villages of Uttar Pradesh which belongs to Lord Krishna and his beloved Shri Radha Rani),

here it is celebrated for about 10 days in different ways, sharing one of them.

The joy of ritualistic Holi
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It was the best experience of our team in all among the whole tours,

here we saw the thousands of Vibrant in the Holi of Barsana with a lot of flavoring smells of marigold and Lavender,

The Holi of Barsana is incredibly great as it has been proven by the number of tourists

at the villages, Barsana, as well as Nandgao both the places, are well known for their temples such as the Holi Barsana is basically celebrated in the Shri Radha Rani Temple,

it is located at the height of 300 stairs,

from where you can have an entire view of the village,

as well as from the peak of that temple you can also see the borders of Rajasthan state.

Overview experience of Holi

The overview starts from the journey of all the tour over there which we gonna explain you in detail,

so from the initial stage, you could reach Barsana by Public transport or personnel transport (public transport such as Bus, Train, etc),

So if you travel via train then you’ll have to get off at the Kosi Kallan railway station.

The next stage is the find the lounge or any kind of hotel but according to me

you should prefer the Dharamshala( a kind of lounge) because there is a lack of transportation there in the early evening,

so be smart and be well planned.

So as you reach Barsana you will find the dumbfound craze of this colorful festival,

all the devotees are chanting “Shri Radhe Shri Radhe” which gives you goosebumps and exciting thrills

and here you can easily see the hawker or vendors of colors and traditional attires,

just buy it and be a part of the world-famous colorful occasion Holi,

now we were moving towards the way of the temple with a huge crowd,

this place is breathtaking because here no one is discriminated against on any basis and everyone is a devotee here,

everyone dances free-heatedly one the of Dhol( musical instrument) spread colors on everyone as shown below.

Along with singing, dancing, clicking pictures like a devotee

we were moving towards the temple but as we are moving forward the streets are becoming narrow

and the gathering of the crowd was increasing consecutively and now we are nearby about the square ( the turn towards temple)

and because of an enormous crowd, we were unable to click the picture and

show everything accurately but It was our mindset that we have to reach the temple as soon as possible

but due to the huge amount of public made the police security shut the way towards the temple

and on the other side, we went there in the hope of having the view

of incredible Goddess Shri Radha Rani’ but deep down we also knew that now we are not allowed

to go there and the public is increasing more and more.

So after struggling a long way in the huge crowd we decided to take a moment of thought about what to do now,

at this moment we are unable to click pictures which is very important for us as it is one of the main reasons for being there, now

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We don’t have any other options to do so we decided to let our step back because now we lost all the hopes

and now we were returning but the twist was that it started raining and all of sudden

we get aside in the sheds of the houses

and rain is going on the temple looks amazing that day as we still looking at that temple in the hope of a good visit.

Radha Rani Temple at Holi

View of Radha Rani temple

The Radha Rani Temple

And now it was not a bucket down raining,

it’s just drizzling and we don’t care about normal drizzles

so we started to come back from the way

but as still we have some positives in our mind which is giving us hope again and again,

and guess what happend,?

We saw some “gwaale” in the traditional attire of the Barsana,

and now we are completely sure that now we can watch the

traditional and ritualistic holi of barsana i,e ‘Lathmar holi’.

Gwaale in Traditonal attire

Gwaale in traditonal attire

So you guys are having in the query that what is lathmar holi? Why is it celebrated this way?

Firstly lathmar holi is the name which is originated by the name ‘lath’ means stick

and ‘mar’ means beat and Holi is the original name of that festival.

This is named as lathmar holi because in the ancient times,

Lord Krishna is used to celebrate the festival of holi with his beloved Shri Radha Rani and with her all friends known as ‘Gopiya’,

and when usually Lord Krishna arrives at Barsana to celebrate this occasion – these gopiya welcomes him by their stick and he’ll have to save himself by the shield.

Till then it is celebrated in this way.

Now we were  following these gwaale and hopefully we saw the group of these gwaale and gopiya with their stick and shields but according to rituals, initially you need to visit the Shri Radha Rani temple so by following all these enthusiastic people we were moving towards the temple from the narrow streets of the village Barsana and now are also feeling completely joyful because now reached the initial stairs of that temple from some shortcut.

But still we are not there to the temple because now there was something interesting i.e the number of stairs which is 300 and plus stairs to reach the temple but the joy and enthusiasm of watching that incredible view made us able to go there and after all these struggles we saw some of these incredible views.

(Images from the top of the temple should be here)

It was one of the best experience over there, not only the temple but the whole hilltop was an epic, from here you can also watch the borders of other state which is Rajasthan as well as you can also watch the fot besides the temple over there which is very peaceful place to sit for a while with the completely free mind.

Afterward we saw the ‘samaj’, it is a just like a debate of sanskrit literature between the people of Barsana and the people of Nandgaon(the village of lord Krishna), moving forward we moved with those gwaale and started moving downward from the hilltop area and then we experienced the incredible itself Lathmar holi, and clicked hundreds of photos of that lathmar holi , shown below

Lathmar Holi and posture

And then if you are done with all shopping, visiting, wondering, clicking pictures, or anything else then I would prefer to taste Makhan(butter) or curd, in the Kulhad( a type of glass or cup made up of mud). I am assuring you will not forget it, the whole life span.

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Thank you so much for your precious time.

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