Use Lightroom on smartphone in effective manner

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Adobe has been bringing many changes in the previous years. One of the most important changes adobe brought in these previous years is bringing of Lightroom CC for your PC and Smartphone as well.

You might be thinking: Is the smartphone version of Lightroom CC is same as PC? Lightroom CC mobile is the compressed version of the Lightroom CC system? will it give the same editing experience as a system or will the mobile version decrease the quality of images and editing?

So, Lets Checkout what Adobe Lightroom mobile is.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is the very useful Mobile photo editing application

Today we'll be going to guide you step-by-step on how the Mobile Lightroom mobile app works, by which you can improve your photography skills.

Adobe Lightroom

Where to Download the Lightroom Mobile App

Adobe Lightroom mobile app is available for all kinds of operating systems such as Android and iPhone (IOS). The process of downloading the application is as simple as any other photo editing application which is available on Google play store and Apple AppStore. All you have to search Lightroom mobile CC in the play store or AppStore and download it.

After downloading the very first question arise i.e. is this application free to use? Yes, the application is free to use, approximately all the tools are free to use but there are some special features that you can use only with the condition, and the condition is that you need to login to the Adobe Creative cloud account to use all special feature of Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. Either you need to buy its subscription plan and just sign up or use the app without special tools.

If you bought a Creative Cloud subscription, you can get access of 'Selective tools' and 'edit raw files'. 

This Mobile version of the editor serves as the supplement, it allows users to work remotely whether they are on the desktop or not, you can have all the tools in your hands.

You can also Sync all the desktop images via login into the library using the same account of creative cloud, you are just good to go.

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